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In the members section you will be able to see the full photo-sessions, large format (1805/1600 x 1200). At the moment we have 240 full sessions, with more than 20000 photo's and video's. For more details on contents and update schedule please check here.

Full Subscription is now:
$14.95 for 30 days, with re-billing at $14.95 ..OR..
$29.95 for 90 days, recurring ..OR..
$49.95 for 180 days =)).

Sign up and payment can be made via ccBill here: ccbill

To cancel your subscription:
If you joined using ccBill please use the cancellation form provided by ccBill. Please allow two days for your request to be processed.
In all other cases, please contact the webmaster (see below).

Other means of payment are also possible (cash, Paypal, Western Union etc.). In this case, or if you have any other questions, please contact mike=)). (webmaster@oxanababy).

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